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Course curriculum

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    Week 2- Switching, Substituting and Tweaking your Food to Optimize Nutrient Value, Remove Allergens and Vitalize Your Food

    • Week 2 Lecture- Substitutes, Switches and Tweaks to Optimize Health

    • Why and how to limit your family’s intake of grains

    • Celiac and Gluten sensitivity testing essentials

    • Wendy Baroli on the Importance of Pasture-Raised Animals- GirlFarm, Reno, NV

    • Guide to Fats and Oils

    • Why Buy from Our Local Farmers? with Wendy Baroli of GirlFarm

    • Resources Links

    • Carolyn Dolan, Nutritional Therapist, PT and Katania Taylor OMD, Discuss Saturated Fat

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