Course curriculum

  • 1

    Overview of Gastrointestinal Tract function and pathology

    • Part 1 GI CEU- Integrating Function Medicine and Chinese Medicine- Overview of GI pathologies and processes

    • Part 2 GI CEU- Integrating Functional Medicine and Chinese Medicine- stomach and Small intestine issues and Treatment

    • Part 3 GI CEU with Dr. Taylor- SIBO

    • SIBO- part 4

    • GI CEU SIBO- part 5

    • GI CEU part 6

    • GI CEU part 7- Healing the Gut Lining, Q&A

    • GI CEU part 8- Chinese Herbal Medicine for Functional Gut disorders

    • Case Studies and Wrap up

  • 2


    • Low-FODMAP-Diet hand-out

    • Dr. Allison Seibecker SIBO SCD/FODMAP food list

    • Dr. Allison Siebeckers Symptom Relief hand-out

    • Dr. Taylor's Step-by-step SIBO elimination Diet Protocol


    • Quiz: Integrating Functional Medicine and Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of GI Disorders

    • Let Dr. Katania know how she did!